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Anonymous said: don't mind that stupid anon he/she just doesn't have anything to do with his/her life
btw you have missing e?

Thank you but that hate just made me fee like I don’t want to blog pictures again :’( You know I am a very sensitive girl and I cry easily.. Anyway thank you again..and No, i don’t have a missing e..What is it? :’(

Why are some people so rude.

Anonymous said: OMG your blog sucks. I don't even get why people would view your blog when it is full of pathetic pictures. It's such a waste of time!.. And your taste of music sucks so stop puting some autoplay music on your blog. I mean seriously it's annoying. Please just commit suicide and kill yourself I bet you are one ugly bitch. People like you don't deserve to live!!

I give up..